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What Clients Say About the Redi
Fredi Emergency Preparation Service

"I loved your Redi Fredi service. I think it’s awesome and the quote and all the work you did on it was great! I feel the service is excellent!" –  M.W., Tujunga, CA

"No one likes to think about what would happen after an earthquake or some other natural disaster. For me, not being prepared is an even worse thought. And who’s got the time these days to get prepared? After the Northridge earthquake in 1994 I swore that I would do it. It’s been 15 years and I haven’t done a thing!

"Well, here’s the answer – Redi Fredi, a service that takes all the hassle out of being ready for ‘The Big One.’ You won’t have to decide things like: what do I need to have on hand? What do I do in an earthquake? Then what do I do? They will even keep your supplies up to date for you! You will be calm, knowledgeable and prepared." – M.O., Los Angeles, CA

"Redi Fredi made sure we have enough food, water, tools and equipment that we would need to survive a disaster. They followed up on expiration dates and rotated water and food so that there was very little waste and we always had fresh water. In case of a disaster, I know how to turn off the utilities and that we have what we need to survive it." – S.K., Glendale, CA


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